Potato processor in the south of Netherlands

Taneco installed a new machine for the first time at a potato processor in the south of the Netherlands; the Gravity Belt Thickener Plus. In consultation with the customer, we decided to opt for this GBT Plus, because they were looking for a relatively inexpensive solution to process the sludge into a stackable product.

In total, up to 80 m3/h washing water is pumped into the Taneco system, where first the sand and organic separation takes place. A dewatering sieve has been placed to dewater the separated sand. For the production of PE, the PS1500 Polymer Unit has been placed, which automatically controls the required amount of PE and adds it to the washing water. A partial flow up to 50m3 / h washing water, mixed with PE, is pumped to the GBT 117 Plus, where the sludge is dewatered and thickened to 35% dry solids. This sludge is collected in a mortar, after which it is transported to a container where it can be transported.