Taneco developed a solution for potato and vegetable processors to recycle wash water in a simple, compact and affordable way. The Taneco Agri WWT installation treats wash water and saves up to 95% of water.

Water flows of 15 to 100 m3/h, which originate from washing potatoes or vegetables, are treated. The system consists of two 20ft containers stacked on top of each other, therefore less than 20m² space is needed to install the Agri Waste Water Treatment Unit.

The Taneco Agri WWT contains the following components:
– Circulation classifier
– Sand recovery system
– Sludge classifier
– Sludge dewatering system

The process

The unit is equipped with connections for the input and output of wash wate and has a clean water connection. The water from the scrubbers enters the unit through the circulation classifier, where the sand in the wash water settles. This settled sand is pumped to the sand recovery system, where solids are separated from the wash water using hydrocyclones down to 25 microns. The dewatering sieve dewaters these solids up to 75% dry matter.

The desanded water enters the sludge classifier, where a small addition of polymer causes sludge particles to sediment in the sludge classifier. With the sludge dewatering system, the sludge is separated from the wash water. Clean water flows back to the scrubbers while sand and sludge are disposed of using a conveyor belt.

Agri WWT Taneco