Taneco enigneers, manufactures and supplies their own Polymer systems. Polymer systems are available with a capacity from 500 to 5000 liters, for both powder and liquid production.

A Polmer unit is a system which adds a polymer to water, to make a certain concentration of polymer to use in a washwater system. Polymer is added to dirty water to flocculate the dirt, allowing it to be separated from liquid in a further process. The Taneco Polymer Unit is used for the mixing of a polymer concentration from 0.1%. The units are made entirely indoors and can be manufactured in the materials Polypropylene or HDPE.

A Taneco Polymer Unit is supplied as a stand-alone system and consists at least 2 compartments; an invert chamber and a maturation / dosing chamber. In addition, it is standard equipped with a mixer, automatic powder feed and a level meter. Also, a polymer system can also be produced entirely according to customer requirements, and it has the option of adding drip trays, pumps or other customer demands.

There are three types of polymer units stand available:

  • 3 chamber powder polymer unit
  • 2 chamber powder polymer unit
  • 2 chamber liquid polymer unit
  • 1 chamber liquid polymer unit

TANECO Polymerunits

Taneco BV is unique worldwide in the field of producing durable polymerunits.

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