Taneco is specialized in the field of belt filter presses, decanters, belt thickeners, water treatment plants, screening & separation techniques and polymer systems. We strive for a perfect service and offer a wide range of solutions and specialized services in the areas of service and overhaul, in which we constantly strive to minimize various risks.

Our history

Where Taneco B.V. officially exists since 2015, the basis of working in the water treatment world formed over 22 years ago. At that time, owner Wim Zwart started as a service engineer in the water purification industry. Following this, Twister Milieu was founded. While the focus was initially on providing service to installations, Twister Milieu also supplied machines and installations for thickening sewage sludge. In 2008, Twister Milieu focused on purifying waste water from washing processes in the potato processing industry.  The very first wash water treatment plant installed by Twister Milieu was at Aviko in Steenderen. After several name changes and collaborations, Taneco B.V. was finally formed.

We live in a world where water scarcity is increasing every day. In order for future generations to benefit from all the posibilities we have today, water is one of the most important resources that we must be careful of. Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary use of water in such a way that companies use mainly their own recycled water.

Sludge processing and water treatment is our business and our passion. The many different configurations and values in water and sludge make every project unique. Taneco thinks along with companies to find the optimal solution to use water sustainably in a financially responsible way. We are always progressive and looking for the newest possibilities within our branch.

Taneco supports customers throughout the entire process, from engineering to delivery. In our workshop in Silvolde we have an extensive range of machinery at our disposal with which we produce parts such as plastic buffer tanks, machines and other custom-made products in various types of plastic. The engineering also takes place in-house so we can always offer quick and specific solutions.