The Taneco Spiral Belts are mostly applied in transportation, filtration or separation applications for waste water treatment, in municipal plants, private plants, etc. A spiral belt, also called (spiral fabric, link fabric or belt filter) is the ideal solution for dewatering cases.

A long experience in the field of industrial fabrics and a constant attention to ecology have allowed Taneco to develop a wide range of spiral mesh belts for mechanical dewatering of liquid to solid for any kind of material.

Taneco Spiral Belts are made with special first quality yarns in 100% polyester. Every Taneco spiral belt is heat-set granting a high degree of stability and long running life. Advantages of our spiral belts are among others: strength, flat surface, good air permeability, stable property against heat and moisture, low thermal shrinking, less elongation at heat and a long lifespan.

Spiral belts are connected spirals by use of cross wires. The spirals contain filling wires, through which the open area is determined.

TANECO Spiral Belts

Taneco BV is unique worldwide in the field of producing durable spiral belts.

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