To dewater and thicken sludge into a stackable product in an effective and financially attractive way, Taneco developed a new machine; the Gravity Belt Thickener Plus.

The Gravity Belt Thickener Plus has got the same basic principles as the standard Taneco GBT, however, a ‘Plus’ section is added to create an extra dewatering of the sludge. This Plus-section is an extra press section at the end of the dewatering table, and it hereby has the possibilities to dewater sludge up to 35% dry solids.

The unique design of the self-engineered GBT Plus comes from the demand of customers from the industrial sector.  The sludge from the standard GBT is often too wet to abduct. Usually this problem is solved by using a decanter or Belt press; very expensive solutions. Taneco has searched for a solution to thicken the sludge up to a stackable product, which still is affordable compared tot he rest of the Taneco system. The Gravity Belt Thickener Plus is the ideal solution for thickening the sludge into a stackable product, whereby the extra investment compared to a normal band thickener remains very small.

Taneco is an unique company by producing durable and efficient Graivty Belt Thickeners. The GBT is completely designed, engineered and manufactured by Taneco. The GBT is available in different spec’s and capacities, ranging from 20 m3/h to 80 m3/h.

TANECO Gravity Belt Thickener Plus

Taneco BV is unique worldwide in the field of producing durable and efficient belt thickeners.

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