Sludge processing and water treatment is our business and our passion. Because there are an infinite number of different configurations and values ​​in water and sludge, every project is unique. Taneco BV offers specific solutions, based on the customer’s demand and requirements. Turn-Key projects within the following composition are possible: separation of sand, sludge separation, sand dewatering, sludge dewatering and reduction of bacteria.
The Taneco Turn-Key Installations are designed as very compact installations, where little buffer capacity is required. The advantage of this is that less bacterial growth takes place.

Sand separation

Hydro-cyclones and separators are the ideal solution to separate solids from fluids. Therefore we use a cyclone to seperate the sand from the rest of the wast water. The specially designed regulator ensures continuous results with varying loads.

Sludge separation

To separate sludge from wastewater, we use a Gravity Belt Thickener. To get a higher dry solids result up to 35%, we offer a Gravity Belt Thickener Plus, which includes an extra press-zone.
By using a GBT Plus, no decanter or belt press is necessary.

Sand dewatering

The sand, which is separated at the beginning of the process, can be dewatered in various ways. By using a dewatering sieve, we have the opportunity to dewater sand up to 80% dry solids, which can be seen as a salable product.

Sludge dewatering

Next tot he GBT Plus, we have different ways to thicken sludge. To thicken the sludge which comes off a basic GBT, we have the opportunity to use a Belt Press or a Decanter.

Process control Turn-Key projects

Taneco BV offers the possibility to control all processes in the Turn-Key project via a automatic computer system using Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI offers the possibility to observe the entire process and to adjust. The built-in web interface gives a possibility to monitor and adjust the process remotely.