For a project in Russia, the request has been made to supply 2 Taneco washwater lines; one line for the treatment of washwater of carrots and potatoes and one line for treatment of beetroot washwater. Two comparable lines have been installed, with the capacity for carrots and potatoes at 50m3 of washing water per hour, and for the beets at 20m3 per hour. Sand cyclones are used in both lines, after which a dewatering sieve ensures that the sand is dewatered up to 80%. The rotostrainers separate the organic material from the dirty water, after which the washing water is pumped to the Gravity Belt Thickeners.


The customers demanded two Gravity Belt Thickener Plus, to increase the dry solids of the sludge. Hoppers have been placed at the end of the GBT Plus to ensure that the stackable thickened sludge can be collected in crates. For the 50 m3/h installation a Band Thickener U117 Plus is placed in the line, while for 20 m3/h installation a Band Thickener U112 Plus is placed. At the end of both installations, ozone systems have been placed to minimize bacterial growth, after which the washing water is pumped back to the washers.

Throughout the system, the pipework to and from the washers was also mounted by Taneco technicians. The system is controlled by Human Machine Interface. While the installation is already operational, Taneco has the ability to provide support through the built-in web interface.